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Configuration of Exchange permissions to back up and restore mailboxes

In this tutorial, we will look at the preliminary steps required to configure our Microsoft Exchange mail server to back up and restore mailboxes both remotely and not remotely. This guide can also be used to carry out backup and restore using the Iperius Backup software. We will start by setting up the necessary user […]


Restore of Exchange – Import .pst files into mailboxes with Iperius Backup

Iperius allows easy and immediate restoration of the backup files, implementing restore functions ranging from granular backup (restoring individual .pst files on any mailbox server) to total backup (restoring multiple mailboxes based on .pst files created by previous backups). Now we will see how to use the .pst files (created from previous backups) for restore […]


Backup of Exchange and export of emails as .pst files with Iperius Backup

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely used email servers in the world for centralised management of messaging by e-mail within a corporate network. In addition to this feature, which enables online collaboration among different users in an organisation (enterprise, institution, etc.), it allows the management of calendars and address books, which can then […]


Internet Crime Stories Will Make You Care about your data

What is a Cyber Crime? Any crime which involve computer and internet is called cyber crime. Technology has created a lot of easiness in our life, whether you are an exciting shopper, interested in research or want to be socialize, you can access a whole new virtual world by just typing few word through computers. […]


Data Backup and Recovery strategy for your business: best practice for windows server backup

One of the most popular server operating systems in the world, Windows Server, has emerged from testing to become available to the general public in the last month as the 2016 version of the software has been rolled out around the globe with new features, better integration with other Microsoft products and, unfortunately, newer targets […]


Best and simple practices to keep all your online personal data safe and secure

The end of the Barack Obama era in the White House is upon us, as in less than a week there will be a new president elected in the United States. The race to become the 45th president of America has come down to a fight between Donald Trump and former first lady Hillary Clinton, […]


File Server Backup vs NAS storage Backup

Of course there is no decision to be made about whether or not to backup your data (the answer is yes you should, in case you had any doubts!) but for many small businesses there is a big decision to be made on how to secure their vital information. Two of the most popular options […]


Incremental backup software vs differential backup software, pros and cons

A recent study has shown that almost 20% of people never backup their personal or business information with data stored on computers and external hard drives susceptible to corruption and accidental deletion as well as being lost due to hardware failure are one in five of us taking liberties with the security of our information? […]


How to do a remote FTP backup

An FTP backup is a form of transferring and securing your data using the File Transfer Protocol (or FTP for short) from your device or devices to a dedicated FTP server. FTP backups generally are conducted remotely with the FTP server located in a centralised data centre away from the user and their device(s), although […]


Closing a program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) before backing up with SoftQuit

SoftQuit is a simple but highly useful piece of software (using Command Line Interface) that makes it possible to close another application without having to force it to terminate (TaskKill), thereby avoiding errors or possible file or database corruption. It is really easy to use, and all you need to do is call up the […]


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