Iperius Backup 6.5.1


Nieuwe functies
  • New Iperius Storage, now also S3: new cloud storage service that allows you to save your data via the S3 protocol on Tier III and Tier IV datacenters. Activate it now.
  • VMware ESXi: INCREMENTAL REPLICATION of virtual machines from host to host (without needing vCenter). Also for ESXi Free.
  • Iperius Console: now Push notifications are even more powerful: it is in fact possible for each user to enable their push notifications independently
  • Iperius Console: now you can consult the history of Push notifications
Bug fixes
  • Amazon S3: fixed a problem in creating buckets in the EU-Paris region
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 6.3.4


Nieuwe functies
  • Google Drive account configuration: authentication is now through the default browser and no longer through an embedded window of Internet Explorer (which Google no longer considers secure and therefore blocks).
  • ESXi backup configuration: now, in the virtual machine tree, for each datastore is shown the available space and the total size
  • ESXi Backup: organization of the log file has been improved
Bug fixes
  • Dropbox synchronization: solved a problem that prevented the deletion of folders
  • FTP account configuration: the previously set port was not displayed when editing an account

Iperius Backup 6.3.3


Nieuwe functies
  • Backup VMware ESXi: new wizard for configuring backup and restore
  • VMware ESXi backup: added support for vSphere 6.7 Update 3
  • ESXi Backup: Now you can configure quiescing, shutdown and restart individually for each virtual machine
  • ESXi Backup: Iperius is now able to automatically run pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts for the quiescing of Linux virtual machines, thus allowing to obtain an "application consistent" backup in all cases
  • Restore single files from ESXi and VMDK backups: fixed problems in case of dynamic disks and in case of incremental backup of zero size
Bug fixes
  • Notifications to Iperius Console on Server Core and Hyper-V Server: now Iperius is able to communicate correctly with the Console also on these systems
  • Exclusion of all subfolders of an element and zip compression: if there were other elements, the thing applied incorrectly also to the following ones.
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 6.3.1


Nieuwe functies
  • Exchange Online Backup (Office 365): new option to include archive mailboxes
  • Improved interface to configure zip file encryption and password protection.
  • New warning message from traybar icon if there are backups "not completed"
  • Updated OneDrive backup tutorial to resolve "Service Not Available" error
  • Iperius Remote: new apps for iOS and Android: https://www.iperiusremote.com/news.aspx
Bug fixes
  • Restore from OneDrive: fixed a problem in browsing remote folders
  • Fixed some "access denied" errors in writing configuration files when Iperius was not run with elevated privileges
  • Backup Drive Image: solved an error in backing up MBR disks.

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